17,5° – 75 cl

Blend of fresh colombard grape juice and armagnac, aged 3 years in barell, it is an aperitif or desert wine to be serve cold, or on ice. 

Scherzo means a joke in Italian, and also frequently refers to a fast-moving humorous musical composition .

This label is the result of our familly reflection (like all of our product), and was designed by my cousin. This common drink in the south west of France is barely known elswhere, it is something considered “less serious” than the armagnac. Like a joke it has prooved to be a great party enhencer and soon become really serious. Truth is my wife will tell you that Skerzo was the little push that made her say the big “Yes” some 10 year ago! Now some of you may see the Skerzo as a real helper!

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Appearance, snif and taste:

Mix of blends of Bas Armagnac and grape musts. The Armagnac varieties are the Baco 22A and Folle Blanche, having spent at least three years casked in oak. The musts of Colombard were chosen for their floral finesse and freshness. Fortification takes place exclusively from the drops, racked in the cold by gravity, in oak barrels with neutral tanins. Daily mixing for the first ten days is required. The Armagnac is poured over the must and not the other way around, in order to favor the mutation: The armagnac kills the bacteries hence preventing the grape juice to become wine, and keeping the residual sugar from the grapes. Skerzo is often compared to a sort of desert wine or sauterne, yet it tastes different.

How to enjoy:

Always chilled (refrigerator); As an aperitif, or served with foie gras, Roquefort or other strong cheese or desert.