2003 - VINTAGE


2003 - VINTAGE



70 cl

Vintage, the exception to the Armagnac rule.

With the greatest of respect for the rules of ageing; a collection that retains not only the expertise, but also the heart and soul of exceptional distillers.

All vintages are Cask Strength (Brut de Fût), still in barrels until the 60's. Older vintages are kept in glass jars / bottles and probably have not aged more than 50 years in barrel.

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Appearance: * * * *

(* = clear, **** = darker)


very powerful, extremely rich and promising of fruits that are ripe and ready to eat.


Lively attack, taking a moment to think, as if the glass is thinking about where to send you. A succession of mixed spices and dried fruit aromas. With great complexity, bitterness and strength go hand in hand, the flavors collide and dominate respectively while finishing on candied notes. Outrageous behavior for such a young Armagnac!

How to enjoy:

An utterly selfish endeavor, when you feel up to the challenge, in a good mood because you are finally alone. Crank up tunes.