1984 - Millésime


1984 - Millésime



70 cl

Le millésime, exception armagnacaise.

Dans le plus pur respect des règles du vieillissement, une collection qui conserve tout l’esprit et savoir faire des distillateurs d’exception.

Vintage, the exception to the Armagnac rule.

With the greatest of respect for the rules of ageing; a collection that retains not only the expertise, but also the heart and soul of exceptional distillers.

All vintages are Cask Strength (Brut de Fût), still in barrels until the 60's. Older vintages are kept in glass jars / bottles and probably have not aged more than 50 years in barrel.

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Appearance: * * * *

(* = clair, **** = le plus foncé)


Incredible bouquet of particularly fresh fruits, very powerful and seductive. It lures us from across the room…


A fine, supple attack, whose intensity takes us by surprise from the start. The increasing strength is quite simply unbelievable, we realize that the fruit is so much riper in the mouth than on the nose. The contrast between the complexity on the palatte and the simplicity of the nose from the start is astonishing.

How to enjoy:

A pure tasting product, and by its elevated degree, can be tasted after the meal. If you’re not shy, try it before lunch : it’s worth it!