1986 - DECADE


1986 - DECADE



70 cl

Selection by decade.

A walk back in time, punctuated by ten year stages… veritable witnesses of generations who have followed one another in the creation of this Armagnac eau-de-vie.

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Appearance: * * * *

(* = clear, **** = darker)


blend of citrus fruits, fern and bergamot, and vanilla.


Excels in its masculine, proud strength, the lively attack is by assault. Feeling as if we are in a go-kart, shaken up at every full-throttle gear shift. The taste is explosive, like the turbo Porsches of the 80s, with a bit of grease and a persistant feeling of heat in the back of the mouth.

How to enjoy:

As an after-dinner drink, following a traditional hunting meal. Roasted wild boar with garlic, lamb, cèpes and strong spices ignite your taste buds and the armagnac prolongs this state of ecstasy…